Monday, June 1, 2009

BING opens with a Bang, New search Engine to beat Google

bing-logo Microsoft’s Latest search engine BING is now open for all, Microsoft’s old search is now redirecting users to, actually there is no much difference in search results in Bing and live, but Bing has many good features too that make it unique, better and give us a reason to use it, Bing is currently in Beta phase, it is rolling out new features slowly and we can assume of new and better search results in the near future. So what’s new in Bing that make it different from and better than Google ?

The Bing Preview Box

It is a very useful feature for users but it can become a headache for site owners , because you can see contents of page and some other links containing Contact information without going to that site, so it is great option for all normal users.

Bling Preview

Better Search Results

It shows search results in a better way, Searching for a search term gives various useful links related to the search term, For example if we search for Blakut, unlike other search engines it shows links to our blog, Twitter network, Facebook page and other links on first page making it easier for users to get all links at first page without repeated results.

Search Suggestions

As soon as you start typing in search box, it suggests some search terms related to the keywords you are typing, though it needs to improve a lot to compete with Google’s search suggestions.

Layout of page

Bing shows different and Great background images to users of different countries Go here to explore pages of all countries, layout of page is great, it matches with the background image making it interesting to search.

Bling Home Page

Bing has impressed many users on its first day, It has potential to compete with Google search, for Exploring more feature of Bing, go to the Tour page.

Better Image Search

Image search provides more relevant images and gives previews of images before going to the page, you can filter the image search by given options too.

Additional Tips:

Use Full version of Bing

If you are outside USA, then it shows you regional search page (See the above image), but these pages do not have all features currently like saving and sharing search history etc. For using full version, Go here and select your language as English – USA.

Sign in to get even more features

Sign in using your Windows login (Hotmail or Live mail) and get access to more features like saving History, getting access to Bing Forums/Blogs , where you can discuss with other Bing users.

So how is your experience with Bing, What do you think of Google search vs. Bing, Share with us through comments.