Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TweetDeck launches new version with Great new Features

Tweetdeck TweetDeck, the most popular Twitter client just launched its new version with amazing new features, the new updates are highly focused on bringing new features to beat the Seesmic Desktop. With these new and improved features, TweetDeck has become more powerful and Stable. Go here to download the latest version.


Synchronization with iPhone


TweetDeck recently launched its Twitter app. for iPhone, if you are using both, you don’t need to manage your groups and settings differently, by signing up for TweetDeck, you can automate the work, you can also backup your columns and then restore them at any time.

Faster than ever

The latest update made it Fastest Twitter client, previous version was taking long time to load all tweets, but the new version loads all tweets and groups in a go. It has also fixed the bug with columns not being updated, so it is now fast and stable.

Reply to All

TweetDeck Reply to all

This is the new feature, you can reply to all users mentioned on one Tweet by just clicking one button, you don’t need to copy or use any other method.

Reference to (RE)

Ever wanted to reply to a user but you don’t have space to reTweet his message?, this new features solves your problem, you can give reference to that Tweet and it will make a short url of that Tweet. e.g RE my message.

Block and Report Spam Button

Block user and Report spam With this option, you can easily Block that user and Report spam him, TweetDeck will delete that Tweet and Block that user’s Tweets and also reports him to Twitter @spam.

Support for Multiple Accounts

Multiple Twitter Accounts

This was the only feature in TweetDeck was lacking behind, but now they have added it, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts and also manage your Facebook account from it.

See What is Popular on a Column

Popular Twitter Content

By Clicking on the ‘Popular content’ button on each column, you can see popular Tags and links. This is the easy way to watch the trends.

These are the main features of latest version, it has many more such as Auto-suggest username when adding to groups or Support for playing videos inside TweetDeck. So TweetDeck has again left rivals far behind.

What do you think about the new features, Share your thoughts with us through comments.