Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Facebook announced to allow custom profile URL

Facebook today announced to allow custom profile URLs from May 13, The feature was first available only to Celebrities and Big brands. Now you would be able to choose a custom profile URL like On Saturday, you will get a notification on your homepage to choose a username for your Profile.

facebook usernames

Facebook just made another step to stop the Twitter Mania, Brands, Celebrities and bloggers are using Twitter because it allows them to use a custom username which gives ability to share it with others and is easy to remember. With this new addition, Bloggers and brands will surely return to Facebook making their Profiles a Brand.

There are some people opposing this feature too, because this feature can lead to a battle between different products as they can grab other’s names to get popular and decrease their competitors popularity. However this small issue can be ignored, the usernames would be given on ‘First-come’, ‘First-serve’  basis. So be ready for a Facebook Usernames rush and secure yours.

What you say about this feature? Is it good or Bad. Share your views with us through comments.