Thursday, June 4, 2009

Opera 10 Beta releases with New features and 40% faster browsing

Opera just launched the Beta release of its desktop web browser Opera 10. It was firstly available as Alpha release. Go here to the main page to Download.


What’s New -

Faster Browsing even on Slow connections

Opera claims its latest release to 40% faster than previous versions and other browsers, Opera is faster as compared to its previous versions, IE or other browsers but it again fails to beat Google chrome and Firefox 3 in terms of Speed and stability.

Visual Tabs

Opera Visual Tabs. | Click here for Full view|

This is a very cool feature, you can see thumbnails of opened tabs by dragging the handle under tabs to see previews.

Customize Speed Dials

Opera Speed Dials

Select your favorite or most visited sites to be displayed on home page, it also provides you to select background image of speed dials.

Go here to explore all feature of the latest version, the new version provides many features to users to personalize it according to their needs and interests but it needs to improve a lot in terms of speed, stability and compatibility with all websites. Share your Opera 10 experience with us through comments.