Monday, June 15, 2009

Does Facebook also needs Verified Profiles like Twitter?

Before adding the Custom Profile URLs feature, vanity URLs were only available to Celebrities or big brands like Firefox or Maria Sharapova etc. Users were sure about originality of these Public profiles. But with this feature, all users get this feature to have custom Profile URLs and no one is sure about someone's Profile. Many users have selected Profile URLs that are similar to celebrities or Brands.

A Verified Facebook Page

The problem is similar to Twitter, Twitter solved it by adding ‘Verified Profiles’ feature, which is not available to all yet, but they will roll it out soon to the public. Facebook again needs to copy Twitter and add ‘Verified Profiles’ feature to save the users from Fake profiles of celebrities or brands.

Facebook is perhaps already aware of this threat. will redirect you to Original Barack Obama page. But it is not possible to redirect all similar URLs to Original page, it can be only saved by Verifying Profiles or something similar to that.

What do you think about Facebook’s new custom profile URLs and their threats to celebrities and brands? Do you think Facebook will add ‘Verified Profiles’ feature to its profiles and Pages?, share your thoughts with us through comments.