Tuesday, June 16, 2009

HowTo Share images on Twitter easily with Flickr Email

flickr Flickr just made it much easier for sharing your pictures on Twitter without need of tweeting again or using any other service or script. Now you can do this by linking your Flickr account with Twitter.

How to Link Flickr account with Twitter

  • For Linking your Flickr account with Twitter, Login to your Flickr account and Go here and click on ‘Head over to Twitter’ button.Link Flickr with Twitter
  • Then you will be redirected to your Twitter account where you need to allow access to Flickr.
  • After allowing access to Flickr, on your Flickr page, you will get a email address. Save that Email address.

How to Share Images on Twitter with Flickr

Image posted on Twitter via Flickr

Now whenever you want to share an image on Twitter, just email that picture to the Email address provided to you by Flickr. Subject of the email will become image title and email body will become description. It will be posted immediately on your Linked Twitter account. You can send the image directly from your Phone or from your PC, so this is a much easier way compared to TwitPic or other services to share images.

How do you share images on Twitter? Tell us through comments.