Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Chrome Finally launched for Mac and Linux ~ Currently on dev channel

Google chrome dev for Mac and Linux User So finally the wait is over. Google Chrome one of the growing successful browser on this Web Industry has finally been released for Mac and Linux users. Until now of course, Google’s open source browser has been a Windows Only product. But now Google coder team have worked upon rebuilding some chrome components to move it beyond Windows. These components includes, but not limited to – new graphics interface, sandbox isolating different processes from each other etc. Obviously it is not the stable version. In fact it is ChromIUM the developer’s version. So it means it is quite incomplete. You will not be able to view YouTube videos, change your Privacy settings, set your search providers and so…

So what to do now?

Nothing! If you are a Mac or Linux user then just sit back and wait for the final release. If you like to download and test this incomplete, potentially crashing software [Just for FUN maybe!] then download and install from here

Note that these packages are made for developers only and should not be used by regular Internet surfers.

Some snapshots of the Browser

Google Chrome for Mac OS X users Thanks to Stephen Shankland from CNET news for the above picture. As we can see the Mac OS X version of Chrome gives same environment as that of Windows Version. Of course in this developer’s stage we won’t be able to install plug-in and change privacy settings, but considering this to be developer’s stage it is quite attractive. Also according to Shankland

“Even though only released for the experimental crowd, the new versions are a big step forward for the browser. First, the versions will plug into Google's auto-update service that automatically downloads new versions. Second, the products bear the Google Chrome brand, not just the Chromium label of the only incarnations available until now. And third, a much larger audience will be helping Google debug the code through automated crash reports of the new versions”

He also included that…

“I gave the Mac OS X version a 40-minute whirl and was delighted to find one of my favorite Windows features--fast launch. Pages loaded reasonably quickly, too, though a few times the browser seemed to hang while loading one.

The only pages that didn't work for me were Yahoo Mail, which told me I had an unsupported browser, and those that required Flash. But a number of complicated JavaScript-based sites, including Gmail, Flickr Organizer, and Google Docs, had no troubles.”

So over all we can say the developer’s version to be pretty good.

Official Release date:

Well there is no clear indication from the Chromium developer yet. In fact according to Mike Smith and Karen Grunberg, Product Managers of Chromium project:

“but whatever you do, please DON'T DOWNLOAD THEM! Unless of course you are a developer or take great pleasure in incomplete, unpredictable, and potentially crashing software.”

Clearly indicates this is at the very beginning of the production stage. But if we look at the past and the time in which Google Chrome for Windows came out of beta stage, we can assume that Chromium dev will get released to a beta chrome build within 1 month or so! Also there is a clear indication from the manager:

“Meanwhile, we'll get back to trying to get Google Chrome on these platforms stable enough for a beta release as soon as possible!”

So whatever the time may be Chrome will surely increase its market share from 1.8% when released for Mac and Linux Users. Are you a Mac or Linux user? Did you tried the development version of Chrome! If so then do share your experience with us