Thursday, July 31, 2008

[TOOLS] Quickly Download MP3 from Online Videos

VidToMP3 allows you to download the audio from online video sites! They support Myspace, Youtube, Google video and more.

How to use:
  1. Copy the FULL address of the page with the video.
    (ex: )
  2. Paste the address you copied into the text box below.
  3. Click "Download", and wait. Please be patient.
  4. When conversion is complete, click on "Download MP3".
  5. Done!
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Orkut Heroes - by Zazo

OrkutHeroes a fairly recent website, started on 24th March 2008 by Zazo(27), is on it's way for success. Zazo with his team Sahiba and Anukruti have interviewed some the the most famous Orkut Celebrities.

They are dedicated to give some recognition and respect to some extra ordinary people for their extra ordinary talents on Orkut, the aim to give honor to users who played a major role in bringing people together through their communities, providing information and education and those who has some extra ordinary talents or activities professionally, academically or socially.

List of people they have Interviewed:
He also rate's communities and gives reviews to the community owners. And only good communities get RATED-WOW!. Again a fairly new but really well maintained community with good standards. Why don't you try and submit your community and see if it gets rated WOW!.

Surely they need more recognition and motivation as they are doing a really good job of giving good people recognition. Also I believe that once his Wow community becomes popular people would want to get rated wow and for that users would raise their community management standards. So I would suggest them to keep their standards high. Finally you would find their regular updates on the "Orkut Blogs Updates" section on the right.

You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

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Orkut Privacy Settings Update- Defining who can send you friend requests

If you are one of those really famous people who keep on rejecting friends requests, then this is a good news for you.

You can restrict your friend requests to any of the following groups:
  • Only friends of friends.
  • Only people who can confirm your email address.
  • Only users from certain countries.

Here's how you can set up your friend request restrictions:

1. Click settings on the left sidebar of your orkut profile.
2. Go to the Privacy Tab.
3. In the 'friend request privacy' section, select anyone who fits the following selected options.
4. Check as many boxes as you wish.
5. Don't forget to click save changes.

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Download ScrapBoy - Quickly Access Orkut , FaceBook and MySpace

ScrapBoy integrates Orkut , FaceBook and MySpace. Also it makes daily Orkuting quicker and easier with some extra features.

Scrapboy design is very sleek and easy to use. Select the website from the buttons on the bottom and login.

You get alerts for who comes Online, New Scraps and Friends Request etc. Click on those alerts to instantly reply no captchas. Include smileys and edit colours, saves a lot of time especially page loading time.

You can select any friend and get his recent updates on ScrapBoy, directly visit yours or your friends Scrabook, Albums and Communities.

Who? button gives information like who are online, your friends, fans , upcoming birthdays etc.
Similarly you can explore your facebook. This is a must have software for every Orkuter.

Download ScrapBoy

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Major Updates on - ONE SITE TO RULE THEM ALL has made some major updates in last couple of days to make it your one site where you would get all the links , news and updates related to Orkut.

Let me elaborate:
  1. Blakut Search - Search query related to Orkut will search articles from and all good Orkut Blogs. General queries will search from top tech blogs on the internet.
  2. YouTube Videos - Quick links to some really good tech videos on youtube.
  3. Social News - Orkut News section will show all the latest news articles related to orkut published by all the major news websites on the internet
  4. Social News - All Blog News Articles - (Orkut + Facebook + MySpace) will show all the latest blogs or scripts posted by any blogger on the internet (so you have to be careful for the reliability of the websites). Click on Facebook and MySpace link to get all blog posts and tricks on those social websites.
  5. Orkut Blog Updates section will post all the latest blogged articles on Orkut..Press show all to see all latest blogs by orkut bloggers.
  6. TOP BLOGS Update section will show latest updates from the best tech blogs on the internet to keep you updated with all software, tricks and news in the tech world.
Leave a comment because commenting has become easier too. Your opinion is valued.
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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Google Knol - Write Articles, Copyright them and Earn Roaylties with Adsense

As predicted, Knol is not quite Wikipedia Killer as predicted. In short, You can share your knowledge about any particular subject, people will rate you and you can have your Adsense on those articles to earn revenue. Articles can be copyrighted with Creative Commons. These are just the basics, you can collaborate and make articles in groups. As it is fresh, there are many topics which are not explored, so this can be your chance. This is the perfect time to invest some of your knowledge and fetch yourself some web royalties.

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KuKu Klok - Online alarm clock. Designed to wake you up

Kuku is very straight forward as to what it would do. As it says, it's nothing but an Online Alarm Clock designed to wake you up. Once loaded, the online alarm clock will work even if Internet connection goes down.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Orkut down for 6+ hours ..Still going

Orkut has been down for 4 hours today.

This wasn't the first time that this happened, it was down for 22 hours once.

Update: 6+ Hours. I am wondering if they are going to introduce something new. I don't want to keep hopes about it. But it would be great!.
Update: Orkut back online after 6.5 hours. No new feature found.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Orkut Ad - Find and Join Best Communities

Recently seen Orkut's Ads, are now promoting orkut communities. Great!

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[Update] Search Filters - Search Members by Age Sex and Relationship Status and Sexual Orientation

Just few days back Orkut had introduced a minor search filter, to sort owned and pending communities. Now they have made search filters more accessable like before.

Just search and you would find the filters on your right side of window.Click Users and find advanced filters .

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Search YouTube videos by LOCATION

YouTube has introduced a new feature. Now you can search videos by location.
  • Just click "advanced" link next to the search box,
  • Enter the location and click on "show map" to adjust your location.

Put your query and your search would show like this.

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All Google Help Centers DOWN

All Google Help Centers are currently experiencing an outage.

Here is the Orkut Google Groups Help Center

Hope it is back soon.

Yes ! Everything is back to normal now.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Use PANIC- Hide your Porn instantly while browsing

Hell, I know you are doing and watching stuff you shouldn't be doing on the internet. Imagine your father just walks in on you when you are doing all this shit. Now you've got some useful help hiding all that really really quick.

Panic is a firefox extension which gives you the ability to close all tabs, while opening another one that will make it look like you are doing what you should be doing.
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Community Recommendations Removed

Community recommendations feature which was introduced last month has suddenly disappeared without any signs or notice. It is not sure if that feature would be added again or it is gone for good.
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

[Update] Filter Owned and Pending Communties

Another small update.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Anti Rally

Anti Rally

Quite a few number of people are fed up with orkut users stealing pictures from flickr without any consent from the picture owners and completely neglecting the copyright and privacy laws. It has become an epidemic.

They have started a RALLY AGAINST ORKUT. Here are some link to pictures....
Most of the above pictures are about rally against child pornography on Orkut, butother forms of stealing pictures, pictures of celebrities, sportsperson etc is common because the users ignoring Image Upload Policy. So please people, your illegal acts may eventually lead to death of Keep things legal.

~~The End~~
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

[Pics]The only Apple store in southern hemisphere

Today Blakut visited Apple's Sydney store, the only Apple store in southern hemisphere, Apple is planning to open more of such stores soon. It went for it's iconic glass cube design.

We got our hands on iTouch 32GB . iPhone 2 is going to launch day after tomorrow, so there is some excitement about that.

MacBook Air, currently the thinnest laptop in the world. Weighs only 1.36kg

This was the largest computer screen I have ever seen.

Glass stairs.

And finally some guy showing off on the best machine they had in the store. @#$^

View WebAlbum:
Apple Store

Panoramic View

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Play MultiPlayer Chess on Orkut - Compete with your Friends or Random people

I usually do not recommend adding Orkut Apps, because most of them are still in their infancy or developmental stage. They have been released without proper bug testing. But CHESS app one of the few really good ones. For Chess Fans on Orkut, its time we get together. Finally it has arrived.

You can Join a board and invite your friend or play with other Orkut members.

There are timers..

And you can see move history.

I have played a few games, It was Great. The quality of animation was really fine.

Add CHESS on your Orkut Profile.

[App] Check Gmail on Orkut

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Learn JavaScript from Yahoo Architect Douglas Crockford [Video Tuts + CheatSheets]

JavaScript has been put for really powerful uses on Orkut. As there are no proper books written on JavaScript till now, I would recommend this video to everyone who are interested to understanding various scripts going around on Orkut and also help you understand how to detect malicious scripts and make or modify Userscipts.

Yahoo! JavaScript Architect Douglas Crockford provides a comprehensive introduction to the JavaScript Programming Language in this four-part video.
Download: CheatSheets for Quick Reference:
Make good use of it.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Format Factory - Freeware Media Converter

FormatFactory provides conversion support for below formats:
  • All to MP3/OGG/WMA/M4A/WAV.
  • All to JPG/BMP/PNG/TIF/ICO/....
  • Rip DVD to video file.
  • MP4 files support iPod/iPhone/PSP format.
  • Source files support RMVB.
FormatFactory's Feature:
  1. Support converting all popular video,audio,picture formats to others.
  2. Repair damaged video and audio file.
  3. Reducing Multimedia file size.
  4. Support iphone,ipod multimedia file formats.
  5. Picture converting supports Zoom,Rotate/Flip,tags.
  6. DVD Ripper.
Download (Freeware)(14.6 MB)
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Saturday, July 5, 2008

You are UNDER UTILIZING Orkut Toolbar! - Save HTML Templates

You are UNDER UTILIZING Orkut Toolbar! - Save HTML Templates

Yes! Most of Orkut Users are not making maximum use of Orkut Toolbar features.
Now here's a very easy yet useful tip which would save your time and improve the looks of your posts.

Just Insert your Custom HTML Templates in Signatures Box

And Quickly Insert them in your posts....

It is similar to the previous Tip of Using Orkut Toolbar for managing communities.

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Fake profiles of Mahesh Bhatt, Paresh Rawal on Facebook

Paresh Rawal's and Mahesh Bhatt were unaware that their profiles are published online trying to lure youngsters and wannabe actors and actresses into providing sensitive information and to then use the information against them. They have lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell (CCIC) of the Mumbai crime branch.

“This is for the first time that we have a complaint of a fake profile on Facebook,” he said. The previous complaints concerned Orkut, Joint commissioner of police (crime) Rakesh Maria said.

Source: DNA Mumbai

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The 12 Nominated Profiles Roadies Battleground on Orkut

If you've haven't yet added Roadies App then Click here to add it to your Orkut Profile now.
The 12 Nominated Profiles Roadies Battleground on Orkut are:

Click to view them:
  1. Sara Kazmi
  2. Akansha Vaish
  3. Hina Attar
  4. Stanley Varghese
  5. Anaadi Jamwal
  6. Mayank Arora
  7. Chaitali Dhiman
  8. Rajvir Saini
  9. Subhankar Deb
  10. Jason
  11. DJ Rocky Roxx
  12. Pallavi Chandra
The nominees will be judged on the basis of a VIDEO where they would have to get someone to tell MTV why they should be selected for Roadies Battleground.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Zup - The Inter-Social Network Messenger

Zup - The Inter-Social Network Messenger

Zup is a brand new web service which allows you to Send & receive messages on Facebook, Orkut, MySpace or Hi5 to Friends on any of these networks.

If you are a member of different social networks, Zup also links all your social network accounts together so you can see all your messages on any social network. Users can access their Zup messages and friends from any social network by logging in with their Zup Key.

Just Import Contacts OR Search Friends and Start Chatting!

Zupme Website

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Orkut Buyukkokten TO MARRY Derek Holbrook this Week

Orkut Buyukkokten (Profile Link) is now engaged to his boyfriend Derek Holbrook (Profile Link). Here's their engagement picture (Photo by Drew Altizer via SFluxe) . They are planning to get married this week at California Supreme Court.

Read about it:
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I am unable to perform actions on

I am unable to perform actions on

This issue may be caused due to a number of reasons. Review the possible causes and solutions below.

1. Javascript error

Symptom: You see a javascript error on all pages across orkut.
Cause: Javascript is not enabled in the browser.
Solution: Enable javascript by following the steps listed here.

2. General message displayed by orkut

Symptom: You see a message that says "You are temporarily unable to perform this action. Try again later."
Cause: You performed too many actions in a short span of time. The actions which may cause this include (but are not limited to)
  • Deleting/posting a large number of scraps at a time
  • Joining a large number of communities withing a short span of time or
  • Approving a large number of community members within a short span of time or
  • Making a lot of changes to karma ratings within a short span of time or
  • Sending too many friend requests within a short span of time or
  • Joining too many communities within a short span of time
Solution: Logout and Don't login on for 5-6 hours at a stretch.

Additional Information:
  • To prevent spam, orkut has limited how many actions you can perform in a certain amount of time. If you're trying to send many scraps, add a lot of friends, or post a lot of topics and events during a short period of time, you might see this message.

3. Error message displayed by orkut

Symptom: You see the error message 'We're sorry...but your query looks similar to automated requests' or 'Page Not Found.'
Cause: You used a third-party website like,, etc to login to
Solution: Change your password. For detailed instructions on how you can change your password. After changing your password, logout and keep away from for 5-6 hours at a stretch.

Additional Information:

4. No message and no JavaScript error

Symptom: You are unable to perform any actions on but neither do you see any of the messages displayed above nor do you get a javascript error.

Cause1: You copy and pasted a javascript into your browser while logged into
Solution1: Logout and keep away from for 12-16 hours at a stretch.

Additional Information:

Cause 2: The browser you are using is not supported by orkut.
Solution 2: While accessing orkut, use of the supported browsers. The list of browsers that orkut supports can be found here.

Reference: 1

~~The End~~
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ORKUT IS BANNED - Virus Removal Instructions

About the Virus:

When you enter, your browser closes and you get a popup message 'ORKUT IS BANNED' and sometimes computer is restarted.

You wont be able to Open Task Manager.

Removal Instruction:

Temporary Solution:
You can temporarily resolve this problem by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and end the svchost.exe which are not related to any system process.

Automatic Removal:
Here's the fix for Orkut, Youtube, Fireox Blocker (Heap41a / win32.USBWorm)

This tool can be used to remove the Blocker worm as well as prevent the Worm further to get infected on the same machine.
For more info, you can take a look here.

Manual Removal:

1) Restart your PC in Safe Mode by pressing F8 key during the restart and then selecting Safe Mode.

2) Open the drive in which Windows is installed, in most cases it is “C:”.

3) Go to Tools > Folder Options > View, Search for the Radio button “Show hidden Files and Folders”, check it. Just below it there is a check box “Hide Protected Operating System Files”, uncheck it.

4) Now in the ‘C:’ drive you will see a folder named “Config”, simply delete that folder. (If you have installed windows in other drives, you might even i find that in C:\)

5) Now Open the registry editor by typing ‘regedit’ in the run dialog box.

6) Go to the following Key :

[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run], delete the key whose path is something like this “C:\config\system.exe”

And another edit, just do the above action with the below mentioned key also


7) Restart the computer and you are done.

If u still face this problem while opening Task Manager, then:
  • Open microsoft configuration by typing "msconfig" in run dialog box.
  • Go to Startup Tab, you might find one blank startup item in the list. If it is checked then uncheck it. and then click on apply and restart the computer.
Now run an Anti-Spyware and Anti virus on your machine. This should solve the problem

Reference: 1

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

India Community IC370 reported as a Web Forgery

Orkut Members who don't like India had come up with a new plan to disrupt usual activity.
They reported IC370 as a web forgery website from Report a Suspect Web Forgery Page

The community members came together to Report an Incorrect Forgery Alert! This error has now been corrected.

~~The End~~
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