Sunday, May 31, 2009

HOW TO share your Email ID in your blog without exposing it to spam bots

Sharing your Contact information on your blog or site is a great way of interacting with readers and convert them to loyal readers of your blog, but spammers use bots which crawl the web to find email Ids shared on web and then send spam messages to that address. It is not possible to connect with readers if you daily receive hundreds of spam mails. So here is a simple tutorial on How to share your Email Id with your site visitors but hiding it from Spam Bots.

What are these Spam bots anyway?

Spam Bots are small programs that crawl the web to find email addresses from web-pages and then send spam messages to the ids. So if you link your email address or just show it as text, bots will catch it, but you can easily overcome this problem by turning your email address into image that you can embed on your blog or site.

Spam Proof Email Address Generator -

Spam proof Email Generator

This tool let you turn your Email address to image with easy to use process, you can customize the image colors, backgrounds and fonts to match your site theme., you can directly embed the image generated or save it to your Hard-disk and then show it on your site.


HideText -

Hide your Emails

Similar to Spam Proof Email Generator tool, but this tool provides more stylish ways to show your Email address, other options are almost same. Take a look at email address generated with this tool.

email So, these were two simple and effective ways to share your Email id safely on the web, Share your experience with us through comments.