Monday, February 25, 2008

Google Code: Open Source E-Commerce Project

SubStruct is open source e-commerce project with content management system with blogging capabilities which would help you manage your entire site's content from the web - no html necessary!

You can have a shopping cart that's tied into and PayPal (must have an account)
  • Product and order management
    • Track your inventory online
    • View up to the minute sales reports
  • A stunning administration interface
    • Create and maintain content
    • Create, maintain, void orders
    • Answer questions from your visitors
Now it is actually within everybody's reach to make a personal e-commerce website.

Demo Page

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Protect Orkut Photo Album : Pictures are Stolen

Best way to protect your photo album on Orkut is "DONT UPLOAD ANY PICTURES" which you don't want to be copied. Use some other service to share pictures like Flickr where your pictures are sure to be protected.

There have been various exploits to view locked albums on Orkut, and there will be more.

Whatever you can see on your computer screen can be copied by taking a screenshot.(Press Print Screen Button & Paste in Paintbrush). There is no possible way to stop people from copying your pictures. Anyone can copy paste text from your profile and impersonate it. Maybe even edit to something undesirable. Probably you are seeing this article now because your pictures have already been stolen. You might also have seen useless links given by Orkut Help.

Now I am assuming you want to take action, do something about it. The best way is to follow these steps.

Step 1: If someone is using your name and photo to impersonate you, you (not your friend / relative) can file an impersonation form.

You would need to scan "BOTH SIDES" of your valid photo ID. (e.g. driver's license, national ID card, student ID etc). Basically anything to prove its real you.

Step 2: Concurrently contact the local police. File a complaint !

After that you just have to wait in the queue, I guess !

You can contact me, I may be able to help you a bit with some unofficial tricks.

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Personal Content Aggregators

When you start your browser, the first thing you might want to see is your personalised content instead of going through the ritual of checking email, reading news, banking and logging in multiple websites.iGoogle was trying to do the same, but it sucks!. There are better alternatives you must try.

The above services are would help you do the same thing, just choose which one is better for you.

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Change of WebAddress

We have changed the webaddress from to
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Orkut Tip: Download Contacts

It might have taken a lot of time for you to find and categorize friends. Now you want to save yourself from the risk of losing it all. Just click here to download your contact list in CSV form and email it to yourself so you can just import your friends when you are transferring /deleting your account. You can also do it from your friends list. You never know when it can come handy.

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Open Social: Orkut Apps Launched!

Few hours ago Orkut has rolled out its one of the most awaited feature. Orkut Apps. If you still haven't got it, do not worry it would soon be coming to you. The bad news is many of the Apps are not working and they are buggy.

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Internet Suicide Cult

Many youngsters are committing suicide , for fame, running away from their problems or just following the cult and leaving traces on the Internet.
Natasha Randall, close friend of earlier victim Liam Clarke, hanged herself in her bedroom.
Using the tag 'sxiwildchild', she spent hours on her Bebo webpage

Suicide Community was previously deleted by Orkut for such reasons. But it has started again.

News Articles:
  1. 7 young teenagers have hanged themselves because of Internet Suicide Cult on MySpace & Bebo. Read more
  2. Bridgend suicide victim left a note in web chatroom. Read more.
  3. Number of young people found hanged in 'suicide cult town' rises to 13. Read More
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New Section Launch : Orkut Help

New section on Orkut Help would be launched soon.
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Top 10 Favourite Activities of Orkuters

After looking at all the Hate Communities floating around in Orkut, I was wondering what do Orkuter's love to do? What do they really need?
Joining communities what defines Orkuters as a person. It is one of the top activity. After checking their scraps.

10) Sex - Considering the demographics, the number of sex related fake profiles and communities is bound to be high. But these communities are full of perverted SPAM and some defamation activities or maybe its some pimp promotion. I wouldn't be surprised if this community gets deleted. If you go on clicking deeper you may find thousands of similar communities. It is an epidemic.
For Example: I am P#@*@ , **yrs living in ******. I invite friendship from ****** males. I am married. but my sexual life is too boring , my husband doesnot have interest in sexual activites. he is always involved in buisness . Now we are living seperately, I have huge tempt on sex. sms me to ************* or email me to ************* I am always waiting for u. (Taken from community)

9) Speeding: This Community is interesting. People really like to drive fast to get their adrenaline rush. Here, the games are not like other communities. People you have to understand driving fast can be dangerous only only for you but for pedestrians.Some Interesting Games to participate for people who have the need for speed:

8) Cooking: This community mainly shares PDF Files occasionally. Few people reply your post with recipes. Right now there are few active contributors. If you are interested in sharing some recipes or improve your cooking there are more such communities.

7) Shopping: This community is dead. Nothing to mention. Just herds of people sticking together.

6) Sleeping: Orkuters are sleep deprived!! Please turn off your monitor because I know that you have been on Orkut many sleepless nights.

5) To be Alone: Man is a social networking animal. What an irony people joining social networking website to be left alone.

4) Walk in the rain: ????? Why!!!! ;-) (55000+ members)

3) Sleep in class:
The lecture is boring !!!
U had a night out d previous nite ....
The atmosphere is conducive for sleeping...
U hate to study....
The teacher sings u a lullaby...

2) Music: Many see music as a perfect way to have good feelings because it goes inside and deep into your heart. (124000+ Members). More Communities.

1) Just wanna love & be loved:
"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten , I think
that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person
who has nothing to eat."
Mother TeresaThat's why we are are here my friend. Love is what we all really need.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

GENIUS: How he turned a regular monitor into a VR 3D monitor

This PhD student is about the change the world of a regular gamer with his fantabulous breakthrough of making a regular monitor into a Virtual Reality 3D monitor. You have to see it to believe it.
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Test your Internet Speed Accurately & Compare your speed with the world. is a broadband connection analysis tool with a huge selection of geographically dispersed testing servers.

Also try Internet Frog

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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Iqbal - Shreyas Talpade's Orkut Profile

If you have seen the movie Iqbal, Shreyas Talpade plays the main role of Iqbal in that movie. He also has an orkut account and frequently chats with people by scraps. His scrapbook is open and you can leave your fan comments.

Although so many people are scrapping him, I cannot guarantee that it is a real profile because of the article posted in Delhi Police Crime Investigation Publication which says the following:

Click on image to enlarge
It is also possible that Shreyas decided to stay on Orkut. So now it is upto you.

Shreyas's Orkut Profile

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Why Geeks / Losers in Love / Despos resort to Orkut.

Just look at these faces, so humble, so innocent. They praise you, your voice, your eyes, your hair. Even if you don't look half as good. Even if you have a celebrity as your display pic. Whether you really look hot or like some piece of shit. They dont ask for much, not at all, even say "Pleaseeee". All they want is your friendship. Hope you don't mind.
This is supposedly a public service announcement by CheapGundas
This video made me cry.
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Make Orkut Browsing Quick ! NOW!

Follow these steps and make your browsing on Orkut easy.

I have tried this and it works the best. Links are official ones so no need to worry about cookie stealing. I have read through each and every line.

1) Install Greasemonkey and Restart Firefox.

2) Install Orkut One Click Scrap v3.0 (It gives one click link to everybodys scrapbook videos and album. And most importantly its not buggy, no double links.)

3) Install ezTopicBrowsing V1.1 (This script works in communities, it puts one +sign on each community post which takes you directly to the last page )

If you liked this post or it made your life even a bit easier then reply or rate this post...
If it is not working leave a comment!

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Improve your Google experience - Customise Google

CustomizeGoogle is a Firefox extension that enhances Google search results by adding extra information (like links to Yahoo,, MSN etc) and removing unwanted information (like ads and spam).


* Use Google Suggest (suggest words while you're typing)
* Add links to competitors
* Rewrite links to point straight to the images in Google Images
* Removes image copying restrictions in Google Book Search
* Secure Gmail and Google Calendar, switch to https
* Block Google Analytics cookies
* Hide the Gmail spam counter
* Make URL previews on sponsored links visible NEW!
* Add favicons in the web search result NEW!
* Remove ads
* Anonymize your Google userid
* Add a result counter in search result
* Filter spammy websites from search results
* Add links to WayBack Machine (webpage history)
* Remove click tracking
* Add links from Google to your bookmark manager
* Use a fixed font for Gmail mail bodies
* Stream Google search result pages NEW!
* Sticky Google Preferences NEW!

Download (57 kb)
More Info

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Password Chart

If you are in need of extra account security Password Chart is for you.

Why should I use this?
  1. Picking and remembering strong passwords is a pain. It's easier to convert an easy to remember one.
  2. It works anywhere on any computer. It also works offline if you print out the chart.
  3. Its free, easy and secure. Everything is done in your browser -- no passwords are sent over the Internet.
1) Select a phrase for your password.
2) Entering the phrase on the website to get "password chart" (numbers & punctuation optional).
3) Enter the password to get the final secure password password.

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 5 MOST HATED Bollywood Celebs on Orkut

It is evident that most people just add a community in their list not because they find the content interesting or because they are going to be active there but they mostly join because of the Community Display Picture & Description and the Community Keywords. Most of the communities below are like that, they are either filled with spam or stupid irrelevant activities/games. But don't miss out on their hilarious community descriptions torn out from the webpages.

5) Aishwarya Rai -
Click Image to enlarge
People accuse her for: Comments taken from communities
  • She is very artificial
  • She has cheated many people incl. Salmaan khan, Vivek, Abhishek bachhan.
  • Her voice and fake accent.
  • Her sucks!!!!It gets on my nerves!
  • I hate the way she moves her body like a dying serpent when she dances!!
4) Himesh Reshammiya -
Click Image to enlarge
I should be adding the total, but I didnt because I am assuming that people hate him so they would join both of these communities.Some have even started Stop his Surroor Campaign.

Click Image to enlarge

Stop the video if you are experiencing any health problems.

People accuse him for: Comments taken from communities
  • You may hate him but you cannot ignore him.
  • He is worse than a crow.
  • All his songs are same (i.e pathetic)...sings from nose, keeps crying.
  • He is the Hero in his own albums.
People are also interested to know how many caps does he have. And few complain about noise pollution.

3) Shahrukh Khan -
Click Image to enlarge
People accuse him for: Comments taken from communities
  • I hate his overacting and he is acting in every ad on tv. It's irritating me lot.....
  • media hype overrated animal....
  • you come across lotta rickshaw-waalas who resemble him completely in any fuckin town of the country.
  • self proclaimed glory
  • Gayness
Click Image to enlarge
My final opinion was that people didn't have good enough reasons to hate him. Not that I like him but he has huge fan following as well which is at much higher ratio than haters and it was kinda difficult to find the accusitions.

2) Kareena Kapoor -
This community is probably hacked and content was deleted. So I couldn't find much over here.
Click Image to enlarge
People accuse her for: Comments taken from communities
  • She hates clothes and loves exposing..
  • Her pride and Ego
  • She is fat and she looks like a man
  • being a Bitch
  • Overconfidence
1) WINNER: Ekta Kapoor - Firstly beware of the javascript on the community description. Don't do it of your love your account. Here is the SofLog AWARD (with some music and drums....)
Click Image to enlarge
I didn't want to make this blog too long, so I cannot include many of the members comments.
Ok Here are the accusitions: Comments taken from communities
  • mentally unstable..needs urgent treatment.
  • I can't tolerate this bloody Non-sense Lady......Solid Punch on her face.......
  • her serials should be banned immediately.
  • house breaker....
  • a person who will one day lead to da downfall of indian culture n heritage
  • family frustrated, socially deprived woman with the responsibility to spoil the whole generation with her irritable komolika, kkk kkk kkk kkk aur kkk.
  • she has made relations a bitchy game
  • Worse than a Terrorist- Who tortures everyday.
There were tons of #*$&^# I could not write here. Few people were spamming their abuse repeatedly and some could not think of any more abuse. Infact there is a community exclusively dedicated to Kill Ekta Kapoor.

HMMM...Kamolikaaa (Snake Musicc.......) (10 seconds)
One said: Ekta kapoor is ekta kapoor,that is the dirtiest i could think.., I found one We love Ekta Kapoor, It had only 65 members and 5-6 posts. I am pretty sure they are her crew members.

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Featured Community - India (Ownership Transfer)

Click Image to enlarge
IC370 needs no introduction, it's one of the most popular community with current membership soon crossing 550,000 but most of the membership comes from only 16% of total Orkuters.
Click Image to enlarge
It is very hard to manage so many people posting without any properly laid down rules, no record of anything topics go out of sight within few hours.

Recently the previous owner & founder Gagan Saksena's profile was deleted and Somehow Vishal Trivedi from Vadodara Gujrat luckily became the owner eventhough and also an instant orkut celebrity (probably even in his neighborhood), he had joined India on 1st Jan 2008. This was Vishal's reaction when he suddenly realised he became the owner of IC370.

Vishal's message was:Click Image to enlarge
My analysis of How Vishal became the "Timing", he joined the community in a very freakinly precise time. When orkut servers deletes owners account, it would automatically take a member who has joined the community exactly 10 days before the deletion of owners profile.
Below: Gagan & Vishal
Difference: Unlike Gagan, who was never seen active in the community (maybe invisibly active) or ever changed his profile, Vishal is currently an active member, replying to posts, editing description, and working invisibly, i.e deleting countless spam and hate threads and banning members.

Gagan was seen as reasonably neutral person and had always kept his opinions private yet he was largely criticised and similar fake profiles were made by ever increasing haters and mischief makers.
Click Image to enlarge
Vishal has taken good measures to increase his account security from "hacker elements".
He has been pretty open about his views to the extent that added line on India Community's description "Hinduism is not a religion it is a way of life ....." and also adding Hinduism in it's in related communities. Not everyone is liking it. Vishal would learn, he would become neutral in a while from the amount of opinionated hate speech going on in the community, and also remove the information from his profile when he finds out that someone has been impersonating him. Also we are hoping that he takes some good measures to improve the management of the community. My only question is "Would Vishal give back the community to Gagan if he claims it?"Only time and this blog will tell.

PS: Like/Hate it, But Rate it

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SofLog - New Orkut News Section

From now with a view acting as an Orkut News Channel, I am launching New Orkut News section would be covering good quality stuff on Orkut like Feature Updates and other you would know as I post them..... So subscribe and check this blog every week.
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How to Rename Recycle Bin

Works on XP, 2000, NT, Me, 98 or 95.

1. Open registry editor by going to Start -> Run, and execute regedit.
2. Go to: HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT>CLSID>{645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}
3. On the right pane, locate LocalizedString.
4. Right click on LocalizedString and select Modify to edit the registry value.
5. Default value of @%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll,-8964 change it to what you want to call, e.g."Garbage" (without quote).
6. Refresh your desktop.
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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Create your Pop-Art without Software

Simply upload your desire photos and Warholizer will convert it for you.

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