Saturday, July 17, 2010

Apple offers Free Case with an iPhone

Apple offers a free phone case to every owner of its iPhone4, as the company deals with problems surrounding the handset's antenna. 

The case will help overcome a widely reported issue in which phone signal strength was drained when the phone was held a certain way.

At the press conference, Steve Jobs said the problem affected a number of other phones on the market, not just the iPhone4 and that the media has blown it out of proportion.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Epic Browser - Review

Epic Browser (10.6 MB) is customised version of Mozilla Firefox web browser for Indians which includes language support and antivirus.

Installation: Quick installation. Requests importing bookmarks after installtion completes.



  • Antivirus: Powered by ESET, virus definitions required download, 25MB as of today.
  • News: Fetches feeds from quality Indian websites
  • Transliteration Tool: You may type in english and get text transliterated to your local indian language.
  • Word Processor: integrates well with the transliteration tool. Includes basic formatting.
  • Web Snippet: Drag and drop text, images or webpage to save them locally. 
  • Youtube Search: You can save custom playlist and search youtube videos.
  • File Explorer: Lets you browse your files.
  • To-do List and Timer
  • Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, Gmail and Yahoo on sidebar.
  • Google Maps, Travel info from
  • Job Search from
  • Online File Backup utility

  1. Feature rich. 
  2. Good browser for non tech savvy people who do not want to customize.
  3. Fast and loads pages quickly. 
  4. Ability to add firefox addons.
  1. This browser is almost like Rebranded Firefox with pre-installed addons.
  2. Everything on the sidebar can get cramped. 
  3. Too much to read whenever I click a sidebar app. It takes a lot of time to scroll apps on the sidebar.
  4. The background wallpaper needs be of a higher resolution.

Pushing the Restart Button

We have been inactive for a while now. We are rethinking the way we worked, rebranding and redesigning the website as it has been about 6 months since we last blogged.
This time though we would be focusing on general technological updates on trending on the social media along with a few extra additions.
We would also be adding a Apple section for OSX and iPhone users. Sorry for the inactivity, we won't take much of your time rather just re-start. You might notice errors in the older posts , and we apologize for them.

~~The End~~
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