Tuesday, January 8, 2008

[PIC] Remember Orkut's Old Design?

Do you still remember how the Old Orkut looked like?
I didn't want to forget how it used to look before, because it has some great memories.
So I managed to take a few screenshots one day before the new design was rolled out in August 2007.

I tried to search for more Old design pictures but they cannot even be found in the Official Orkut Blog which was just launched in June 2007.

After extensive digging in my hard drive I found these images. It is amazing where Orkut has come in just one year and most of all those days when we used to find hacks for this website.

Using Greasemonkey scripts to steal cookies, Spam flooded communities, javascripts to do virtually anything, hacking profiles and communities. This does not happen to that extent anymore. Orkut was an open playground for script kiddies and open arena for popular communties to fight spam.

Refresh your memories.....

What Orkut is right now, is because of everybody's effort, struggle and fight to connect with each other. So I would really like to thank the Orkut Team to make this wonderful website.

If you happen to have any more screenshots..Email me.
I would update them here and give you credits.

~~The End~~
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