Thursday, June 18, 2009

CrowdEye ~ New Twitter search engine by “Ken Moss” -ex-leader of Microsoft old search engineering

CrowdEye logo It has only been a few day we have discussed about the Google’s upcoming search engine for Microblogging services like twitter, Microsoft ex search engine team leader, Ken Moss has gone a step ahead. He has spent a whole 9 months to build a new Twitter Search engine named “CrowdEye”. Today it has been released publicly as beta. Below given is a screenshot (Credits: CNET news)

New CrowdEye search engine for twitter

Best Features and Advantages:

  • Historical view that allows one to see how the discussion on a topic has evolved. [Although for now it has a maximum limit of three days]
  • Offers latest tweets on a topic along with a lost of most popular links and a tag cloud of associated terms

Some words from the creator:

On explaining CrowdEye Moss has emphasized that

I think that real-time search is the next big thing in search, It's an area that has been underexploited to date

On saying about the features that CrowdEye can give, Moss said

Right now that's all we support, but its definitely something I'd anticipate growing over time

Obviously working with his only co-worker Becca Moss, [his wife as well as former ‘softie] all these features that CrowdEye can give are really amazing!

Have your say:

Obviously although the CrowdEye has launched, but still we can see a “Under Construction” tag there. What ever it is, all the features mentioned above seems to be really something we want from a better twitter search engine! What do you think? Can CrowdEye beat its competing search engines like Topsy, OneRiot, Tweetfind, Twingly etc? Or better say can it stand against the upcoming twitter search engine by “Google”? Do share your views through your comments…

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