Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HOW TO: Auto Login to Facebook with Google/Yahoo Account


Almost all internet users are having a Google account or Yahoo account to which they are always logged in. Ever wanted to Skip login process to Facebook if you are already logged in your Google or yahoo account? Facebook itself gives you this feature. You can login with your Google,Yahoo, OpenID or Myspace account but as most used account is either Google or Yahoo, so Linking only Google or Yahoo is beneficial. So make your web life simpler with this feature of Facebook. 

For enabling the feature, Go to your Facebook settings page and follow these steps"

1. Navigate to the Account Settings page and look for Linked Accounts.

Facebook Account Settings

2. Click on change button and select your Account e.g. Google, Yahoo, OpenID etc.

3.It will open a new window for verification and click on allow.

NOTE: You must be first logged into that account to which you are linking to.

4. Check the page, you will now see your Linked account there.

Enjoy the service, Remember to link your most active account for enjoying auto logging and also it does not support linking of Two accounts under same Service.  So how is this feature, share your views and ideas with us through comments.