Thursday, June 18, 2009

Google Adsense now allows you to change Font size of Ad units

AdsenseGoogle adsense just announced on blog about introducing Font size choice, you can now select size of fonts of your Ad units. Till now Publishers were not able to change font size and default font size is slightly small, you can now select your preferred font size from available options. Publishers were already allowed to change font faces and with this new addition, you can fully customize your Ad unit to math your template and increase performance of Ads. Font sizes will apply to Ad title and body.

Adsense font sizes

So What should be your Font size choice?

Mainly it depends on your blog template and the ad placement but According to Adsense official resources and most of the publishers, ads with bigger fonts perform perform better, Adsense is also soon going to set ‘medium’ font size as default to increase performance of ads. For blogs with normal fonts, you should use Adsense ‘medium’ font size. It will help you to increase your ads performance and increase your earning.

What do you think about this feature, which font size you like to use?, Share your thoughts with us through comments.