Monday, September 10, 2007

A Very Comprehensive Windows ( Vista and XP) process and DLL library

On your computer, tens of invisible (hidden) processes run silently in the background. Some consumes system resources, radically slowing your PC. Other useless processes contains spyware and Trojans - at least violating your privacy. This process and DLL library is a free grat resource for anyone who wants to know the exact purpose of every process Click Here

Krut Computer Recorder

Krut Computer Recorder is a free program that can record anything that occurs on your computer screen (both video and audio) and encode it into a MOV video file. It can be used to create demonstrations/presentations or to capture and record streaming video. It can also take screenshots.

Step1 : Download (For Windows) Krut Computer Recorder Screenshot
(for other platforms visit this)

Step2 : Extract files to desired directory. (You need java JDK 5.0 or JRE 5.0 to run this program.)

Step 3: By default it records only 320x240. You can change it, if you want to capture the whole screen to your settings, you will have to set it like your screen resolution, see the width and height similar to my screen resolution. There are many other settings.

Your settings can be found out by
  1. Right clicking on the desktop > Select Properties
  2. Select Settings tab.
  3. See the screen resolution.
Step 4 : Run krut.bat to run the console and play movie from
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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

Unusual Websites you should Bookmark.

BugMeNot - instantly get disposable login details for any popular website that force you to register. Yak4Ever - make free international calls from US, UK and Ireland to 50+ countries. UrbanDictionary - hilarious (and practical) 100% user-maintained dictionary where users provide and vote on definitions for urban words (slangs). BossBitching - fun and active community where people can bit*h about their bosses anonymously. RateMyDrawings - excellent place to draw, share your drawing creations, learn to draw, and watch other people drawing. Video demo Scribd- search, browse, rate, share various types of documents (jokes, facts, stories etc.). It’s like Youtube for text documents.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

An easier way to Copy/ Paste text (Freeware)

Use Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender allows you to work with multiple clipboards and simple to work with. You can work in other windows while Copy/Paste floats on top. Copy/Paste is a single executable file, does not require installation or uninstallation. But it supports text only.

Weblink: Click here
Download Copy/Paste Clipboard Extender (21.06K)

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Monday, September 3, 2007

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Send 2GB Files Easily with TransferBigFiles


Webapp TransferBigFiles sends huge files—up to 2GB—to any recipient at any time.Similar to MailBigFile and YouSendIt, makes transfers easier without FTP or adhering to strict mail server storage requirements. Simply upload a file, send it to a recipient, and they'll get a download link where they can retrieve those files. Files are stored on the TransferBigFiles server for at least 5 days or up to 30 days if you're a registered user. Of the three services, this one allows the most upload space for the least amount of money (they're all free).

Website: TransferBigFiles

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Free Dr.Web link checkers

Scan a link or a file, before you download it onto your computer.
Right click and it would show the result

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