Sunday, May 24, 2009

[News]Digg removes ‘Shouts’ , 4 Other great ways to share Submissions

Digg announced to remove the ‘Shouts’ Feature, the feature will be removed in the next week, there are many reasons behind this.Shouting on Digg removed

Some Main reasons why Digg is removing it-
  • ‘Shouts’ were introduced to show your interesting stories and connect with other people but spammers misused it badly, People flood each other’s shoutboxes badly and it is not possible to find a good stories from hundreds of shouts and Digg them.
  • Also if you are going to Digg them or want to share it through Shouts then it is a slow process, it is not as effective as it was supposed to be.
  • With the addition of ‘Upcoming stories’ few months ago, it has become much easier to fid and Digg new content and you get recommendations too on your Homepage.

So all these are the main reasons for removal of this Feature.

How to Share your submissions and Favorite posts now?

There are many easy and effective ways to do this, and all are faster than ''shouts’

  • Share on Twitter – You can share your Submissions through Twitter, if you have a Good network ( It is not that tough), The diggbar shortens urls automatically so you can Tweet through The Diggbar without copy-pasting Titles or URLs.
  • Share on Facebook – This works same as sharing on Twitter, you can easily ask for Digs to your friends by posting your latest submissions on your Wall.
  • Other ways to share – With the removal of this feature, Digg is also going to add new features to share on Facebook/ Twitter/ Emails and other social networks even more easier.

What you think on this new update?? Do Share your thoughts with us.