Thursday, May 21, 2009

5 Best web sites to search & Download Hight Quality Fonts for FREE

Here we are sharing list of Top sites for getting Free and Best fonts available on the internet. All of them are free to download and use. Simply download and Unzip them and paste them in the Font folder under Start Menu > Control Panel [Switched to classic view]


DaFont - Dafont is the biggest Font directory and very popular for getting fonts, you can preview your Fonts before downloading, it has better navigation and search features for getting the exact font you need.

1001FreeFonts - Another very popular site for Getting fonts of all types, Similar to Dafont , it has all features for custom previews, better categorization of Fonts, It is the best place for getting latest and unique fonts for your design work

FontexFontex is the directory of Handpicked popular and best fonts, it makes much easier for users to get best Fonts, unlike other sites, you will get a better font for your need easily here.

FawntAnother Great Fonts site, not much fonts as Dafont or 1001FreeFonts but this site has good quality and unique fonts that are difficult to find on other resources.

These are 4 Free and Great sites for Downloading Fonts, All fonts are free but few come under some restriction like only personal use, so Read Terms before using them.

Tool for finding Fonts

What The Font – Got any image or screenshot of the font?? and want to download it?, Don’t worry there is a easy way, you just need to upload the image to this site and it will show you the font Type, then you can find it from the above mentioned sites by using its name.Winking

That was our collection. If you know about any other source for getting Quality Free Fonts, then do share with us through your comments....