Sunday, May 10, 2009

Scoopler Search Engine - Indexes web results in real time

Scoopler is an inter-social bookmarking real time search result indexing website which shows latest results from the selected quality websites to deliver quality and relevant results. See @HOT Hardware

What are the Strengths of Scoopler ?

  • Scoopler indexes pages from the social networking sites like Twitter, Digg, Delicious etc.
  • Search results are more relevant and social bookmarking headlines. For example searching for ‘Photoshop Tutorials’ shows different Resources for Tutorials in the Google Search Results which helps us, but Scoopler shows Tweets/Diggs for these entries, which are not much useful.
Google Search Result |Click on image for Full View| Scoopler Search Result |Click for Full View|

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What is the weakness?

  • You may also get repeated results most of the time because of lesser number of indexed pages. It may also be because it is a fairly new website.

What are the opportunities?

  • There are venues for growth for focused site specific searches because many websites index their own pages and thats the gap which has been filled by Scoopler.

What are the threats?

  • It is very difficult for Scoopler to earn its brand name in the search engine market. As many search engines are moving towards real time search results as well.
  • Twitter is improving their search soon.
  • Google still still acting like a monopoly until recently when twitter arrived.


With a small focused market, Scoopler seems to have limited its capability and design . Its destiny seems somewhat similar to Cuil, unless it works towards adding better features and utility driven user friendly design interface .