Saturday, May 23, 2009

Top 5 Tools For Digg to Turn you into a Power Digger


Digg is the most popular Site for Bloggers and Web addicts, It helps users to Find latest and popular content on the web and Digg them and comment, Blogger have been most benefited by Digg, it helps them to drive High traffic to their site, So slowly Digg has turned into a powerful social network where people Dugg, Share and comments on the stories, Here we are Listing the most Important tools that can help you to become a power Digger.


1. Digg Toolbar

Digg toolbar

This is the most important and useful Tool for you, By using this Tool for Firefox, you can easily submit stories, share them and find latest Submissions and Digg them from the page you are browsing, no need to navigate to Digg pages. Click here to install the Digg toolbar for Firefox .

2. Digg Bar

Digg bar

This is the latest addition to Digg toolbox, you get this DiggBar when you click on any Headline one the Digg page, it shortens URLs automatically, you can Digg from that page, Share the story by shouting, or post on Twitter, You can easily submit any page to Digg by using this Tool or also you can shorten any url by using the small bookmarklet or just add before the page address.

3. Digg Top

digg Top

This is the small but poweful adobe air app, with it you can Digg from your Desktop easily and faster. It shows a summary of the stories too. Go to the Digg Top homepage to install it.

4. Big Spy

Big spy

It is the tool of Digg labs which allows you to browse Digg in real time, it requires Adobe Flash player to run and it shows popular as well as latest submissions on the page without the need of refreshing, click on the Links which open in new tab and then Digg them.

5. Stack


Another Tool of Digg labs, similar to Big spy, it shows news in real time and run with Adobe flash player, but it shows stories as Graph, New submissions fall from top and join the Bars, popular stories are long bars, it is a very nice and intersting way for exploring new content on the Web.

So here is the list of 5 tools that are must for a Digger, Have another better Tool? share with us through comments.