Monday, June 23, 2008

[HTML Codes] Make the most of HTML Enabled Orkut Communities

Previously we wrote about HTML Codes for Scrapping. We would now discuss about posting HTML in Communities. The possibilities are infinite. Now let's start.
Copy Paste & Preview. Choose Font: <font face="Comic Sans Ms">Text</font> You can only view the fonts which are installed on your PC Choose Font Size: <font face="Comic Sans Ms" style="font-size:36pt">Text</font> Blink Text: <font face="Comic Sans Ms" style="text-decoration:blink">Text</font> Insert Third Party Images & Smileys: <img src="" height="70" width="70"> You can change the dimensions of the image by changing the height and width values. Orkut accepts the following file formats for images: JPEG,GIF, PNG, or BMP. If your image is not appearing, that host is not supported by Orkut. Set Background Colour: <div style="background-color:#0099FF">Your Text </div> View HTML colour codes. Set Background Width: <div style="background-width=80%">Your Text </div> Default Width is 100% Set Height of Background: <div style="padding:17px;background-color:#0099FF;width:80%">Your Text </div> Align Text: <div style="background-width:80%;text-align:center">Your Text </div> Choose Left, Right or Center Set Right Margin: <div style="margin:80px;padding:7px;background-color:#0099FF;width:80%;text-align:center">Your Text </div> You can leave space on right before you start a sentence. Set Border Size and Colour: <div style="border:6px solid #000000;margin:7px;padding:7px;background-color:#0099FF;width:80%;text-align:center">Your Text </div><br> </div> You can increase the border size by changing border value. You can choose colour by changing Code for solid # Set Border Style: <div style="border:6px solid #347C2C;margin:7px;padding:7px;background-width:80%;text-align:center; border-style:double">Your Text </div><br> </div> You can change border-style from double to dashed or dotted for different effects. You can also change the size & colour of the borders to customise. --------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE: Checkout our new tools
  • Custom HTML Template Generator
  • HTML Formatting Text Editor
  • Secret Scrapper
You can find them at and check out ---------------------------------------------------------------
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