Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Orkut Heroes - by Zazo

OrkutHeroes a fairly recent website, started on 24th March 2008 by Zazo(27), is on it's way for success. Zazo with his team Sahiba and Anukruti have interviewed some the the most famous Orkut Celebrities.

They are dedicated to give some recognition and respect to some extra ordinary people for their extra ordinary talents on Orkut, the aim to give honor to users who played a major role in bringing people together through their communities, providing information and education and those who has some extra ordinary talents or activities professionally, academically or socially.

List of people they have Interviewed:
He also rate's communities and gives reviews to the community owners. And only good communities get RATED-WOW!. Again a fairly new but really well maintained community with good standards. Why don't you try and submit your community and see if it gets rated WOW!.

Surely they need more recognition and motivation as they are doing a really good job of giving good people recognition. Also I believe that once his Wow community becomes popular people would want to get rated wow and for that users would raise their community management standards. So I would suggest them to keep their standards high. Finally you would find their regular updates on the "Orkut Blogs Updates" section on the right.

You're doing a great job. Keep it up.

~~The End~~
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