Sunday, July 27, 2008

Some Major Updates on - ONE SITE TO RULE THEM ALL has made some major updates in last couple of days to make it your one site where you would get all the links , news and updates related to Orkut.

Let me elaborate:
  1. Blakut Search - Search query related to Orkut will search articles from and all good Orkut Blogs. General queries will search from top tech blogs on the internet.
  2. YouTube Videos - Quick links to some really good tech videos on youtube.
  3. Social News - Orkut News section will show all the latest news articles related to orkut published by all the major news websites on the internet
  4. Social News - All Blog News Articles - (Orkut + Facebook + MySpace) will show all the latest blogs or scripts posted by any blogger on the internet (so you have to be careful for the reliability of the websites). Click on Facebook and MySpace link to get all blog posts and tricks on those social websites.
  5. Orkut Blog Updates section will post all the latest blogged articles on Orkut..Press show all to see all latest blogs by orkut bloggers.
  6. TOP BLOGS Update section will show latest updates from the best tech blogs on the internet to keep you updated with all software, tricks and news in the tech world.
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~~The End~~
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