Thursday, June 26, 2008

[TIP] Browse, Click & Paste, Millions of Animations for Orkut

[TIP] Browse, Click & Paste, Millions of Animations & Images for Orkut

This feature would work only in Scrapbooks and HTML enabled Communities.

Photobucket is probably the best PhotoSharing website in the world. It is mostly used by MySpace users, and not often explored by Orkuters. I know many people know it but this article is for larger population who dont know.

This is a great resource to animate your friends scrapbooks and your communities. You can find heaps of good quality images & animation.

All you have to do is:
  1. Search - from the search bar on the top right
  2. Browse - through millions of pictures
  3. Select - to open or view the picture and see the codes
  4. Click - on the Direct Link for posting in HTML enabled communities and HTML Code for posting in Scrapbooks.
  5. Paste - in the respective textarea.
Enjoy Orkut. Keep it Clean

~~The End~~
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