Sunday, March 22, 2009

Useful greasemonkey scripts to ease and speed up your Orkutting and Browsing

Previously we gave you some Greasemonkey scripts related to orkut! Today we shall give you some useful and working script made mostly by our team [If taken from others then credits are given to the respective author]. The best thing about these scripts are that they are compact, contains no error and thereby are fast and very much specific on their purpose.

If you are new to Greasemonkey scripts then please read the INSTRUCTION section of this post on Blakut. So here we start

Orkut Manager with better orkut compatibility

(for gmail users only)

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  1. Gives you quote button to quote replies from forum like this
  2. Adds a refresh button at the lower end of forum post
Compatibility and fixes: This script is not entirely made by us. Following fixes are done only
  1. Compatible fully with Better Orkut script
  2. Removed bookmark feature from original orkut manager which used to cause hangs
  3. Also removed -last option so that it may not cause any conflicts with Better orkut script

Orkut Signature button

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  1. Gives you 2 signature button below your Scrapbook and community post
  2. Use the HTML signature button to post HTML signature.
  3. Or, in HTML disabled communities just use Simple signature button
  4. Also gives you a Template button which you can use to generate cool HTML templates
  • Right click on Greeasemonkey icon>Manage User scripts...
  • Then Select the Orkut Signature button script and then choose edit
  • Set notepad or in my case Crimson editor for default editor [If you havent set already]
  • Now find this portion on the upper part of the script
  • Edit the Values to make your script the way you want. Like change "Your Signature" to "My name" just dont remove the quotations ["]
  • For editing the background, font colour you need to get hex colour code which you can generate from here. Copy the value along with # and paste it inside the quotation marks.
  • For more assistance please see this thread of our DFS community

Orkut image hotlink button

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  • Gives a button for opening the image your are visiting on a new tab.
  • Extreamly useful as orkut has disabled right clicking on images for friend's album.

HTML Encoder/Decoder for Orkut

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  • This is an userscript version of the HTML encoder/decoder tool we have created
  • So use this tool to share html source codes with your friends or with community members

De-Captchaphy script for Orkut

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  • Makes some changes in the link you post so as to eliminate Captchas
  • Links will also be clickable if you continue to use this script

Invisible fix by Blakut

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  • Replaces invisible profile names with "Invisible fix by blakut"
and finally my favorite (but not related to orkut)

Picasa web Image Direct link

LINK: Click here Purpose:

  • Gives the direct link of images at the right hand side of the screen.
  • Click on the name of the images and images with full size will popup in a new tab
For more such useful Greasemonkey scripts please refer to this thread of our DFS community.

~~The End~~

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