Tuesday, March 17, 2009

[Spoiler] Sneak peek into the future of Orkut Communities - Google reveals experimental features in some communities

Credits to Sunny
Sunny has posted the link in DFS to the coolest Orkut Community on Orkut which is Google Internet Bus Community. Google Internet Bus provides internet access in areas wirelessly through their bus in remote areas of India. We can see additional/experimental features : which are likely to be introduced in the near future which no other community on Orkut curently has. (Sorry again Orkut! for the spoilers).
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What can you expect in the future Orkut Communities?
  1. Custom Header Image for each community.
  2. Custom Background Colour
  3. Custom Community Colour
  4. Additional Apps or Integration of additional Google Services - We can see Google Maps, Picasa Web Albums , Youtube & Google Search.
  5. Featured Web Album
  6. Featured Video
  7. And "More Videos" section
It would also be great if Orkut includes services like RSS Feeds and Google Analytics to analyse the popularity of the communities. Overall these features would be really great addition to the communities as all the communities would look different and would have their individual identity. What do you think about these additional features? Leave a comment
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