Thursday, March 26, 2009

[Update] Orkut introduces new scrapbook to users

(Click to enlarge)
After so many updates this month [like introducing trash feature] orkut has now introduced a brand new and goodlooking AJAX based scrapbook to the users. This was first given to Brazilian users and now are also available to some Indian users too. Though only a small [infact a very small] percentage of users has got this feature but thanks to our DFS community members and also OUG community activities, we can make a quick and probable analysis:-
  • Looks cool and contains some good features
  • Automatically loads scraps -no need to refresh
  • Might be vulnerable to XSS hacks as shown in the picture below
(Click on the image to enlarge)
  • Greasemonkey scripts like smilies and signature are not working under this new scrapbook [Until we arrive with some new fixes]
Images credits:
  1. Scrapbook image - Arun George..
  2. XSS Alert image - Leo
~~The End~~
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