Friday, November 21, 2008

[TUT][SCRIPT]Better Orkut

Features * Better My Communities Box - which shows the most frequently viewed communities rather than orkuts default ordering * Shortcut Link - Direct link to the last page on the forum topics page and community page, Direct link to community forum on my communities box and communities page * Quick Reply - quick reply feature in forum * URL Shortener - Truncates long urls in forum posts * Quote - Quote feature for forums * Last page on reply - Jumps to the last page on reply * Skin Switch - Switches all pages to your profile skin * Easy to use Settings page - Allows you to turn off and configure any of the features * More readable forum topics listing * Feeds Application - An Application that lists RSS Feed entries in profiles * Update Notifier - Script update notification Screen Shots:
This script will only work on Firefox
STEP 1: Open Firefox and Install Greasemonkey STEP 2: And  Install the Script MODIFICATION[MUST]: 1. Right click on the greasemonkey icon(yes that small and cute little monkey icon) at the lower right corner of your firefox. 2. Click Manage user script. 3. Select "Better Orkut" from the left box. 4. On the included page replace the link by this one http://www.orkut.*/* 5. On the excluded page replace the two links by these two http://www.orkut.*/Main#* http://www.o
rkut.*/AdsIframe.aspx* 6. You are Done. Now you can enjoy the features.
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