Wednesday, April 8, 2009

[Update] Lok Sabha is now on Orkut

With the election fever gaining pace across the country, Orkut has introduced a new community, ‘The voice of youth’. It is a huge step to understand the opinions of the public and probably the best medium to bring your opinion forward. Google India product manager Vihari Komaragiri,
“In this election, more than in any previous one, young people are going to make a difference - either by voting in more numbers or by getting engaged in the democratic process. And internet is providing them a powerful platform to do just that. Social networks have become a mirror of the real world and this community will reflect what is important to all of us and will help highlight the voice of the nation.”
Even Narendra Modi has started his own Youtube Channel with short speeches which he records at his residence in between his campaign tours. Politics is now becoming proactive and it is a big step towards transparency , fighting corruption to bring awareness to the masses. All the best India !
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