Thursday, April 30, 2009

[TOOL] Orkut Pager - Scroll down to load the next page

Installation is quite easy. Just follow the steps...
  • Make sure you have Mozilla Firefox installed. In order to make Auto pager work with Orkut we need to install a Pre-release version of this Addon. Install it from Here . If you are having any problem installing then Right Click ► "Save Link As" and then drag and drop the addon on your Firefox. This will install the Addon
  • Now select all the codes below and press Ctrl+C to copy.
    <autopager> <site><urlPattern>http://www.orkut.(|com||CommTopics|Scrapbook).aspx</urlPattern> <guid>3877B31B-7791-7484-75AC-140D-62AA-5DEE</guid> <margin>1</margin> <delaymsecs>200</delaymsecs> <owner>Wind Li</owner> <urlIsRegex>true</urlIsRegex> <enableJS>false</enableJS> <contentXPath>//div[@id='mboxfull']</contentXPath> <testLink>;tid=5280278969095412994&amp;na=3&amp;nst=11&amp;nid=20844581-5280278969095412994-5281174950785598700</testLink> <linkXPath>//a[contains(text(),'next &gt;')]</linkXPath> <desc>AP rules for forum, need AP v0.5.1.1 or later. Made by Wind and Modified slightly by team</desc> </site> </autopager>

  • Click on the Auto Pager icon beside the addressbar and goto Import/ExportImport from Clipboard.
  • This should give you an alert popup window as shown below. Click on OK. Now we shall check whether the codes are correctly installed or not.
  • Again goto AutoPagerManege Settings. This should Open up a popup window like this. Click on Site TabExpand Autopager.xml ► Click on the newly created URL pattern as shown in the image below. Now check to see that whether the followings match their respective values:
    ► URL Pattern: http://www.orkut.(|com||CommTopics|Scrapbook).aspx ► Link XPath: //a[contains(text(),'next >')] ► Content XPath: /div[@id='mboxfull']
    There should not be any problem on this. Now that you are done you should see AutoPager in work.
  • Goto any community forum now. For now visit our DFS Forumbiggrin. Now as you start scrolling down you should notice a loading... icon like this. Wait for a little bit and you will see the next page just after the end of the current page. Quite cool isn't itwink. Scroll down more and you will see the next page also. [You have to wait a little bit before the page gets loaded depending upon your Internet connection]
  • Visit your Scrapbook and any community Forum page. You will see the same magic there
Now please dont forget to thanks the Designer of this cool Addon "Wind". Please visit their Forum Here and register and say thanks to them. This Addon is really time saving and now we will be able to take backups of our community posts in no timebiggrin
~~The End~~
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