Friday, April 17, 2009


We have been seeing many Bugs in Orkut, for example
  • Communities "Next" & "previous" button does not give a hyperlink.
  • Occasionally the post count is wrong or even goes down to zero
  • Deletion of poll votes because of which the polls are inaccurate
But this Orkut's Bug adds unknown profiles as friends, random videos and communities on new profiles. One of our team member Praveen reported this and confirmed this incident from OUG. Upon creating a new profile he got TWO friends to be included in his list! Infact there are unconfirmed reports that even Communities, Videos are added along with some unknown friends!
Screenshot: "Make a new profile get a random friend, community and Video as a gift from Orkut"
We hope that orkut fixes this bug soon, and this is not an update to include new friends to new profilesbiggrin... If you have faced these types of bugs or know anything about this then do share your experience with us through comments.
~~The End~~
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