Thursday, November 27, 2008

[TUT][SCRIPT]Mass Message Deleter

Quickly delete all useless messages
If your message box has been flooded with 1000's of messages, most of them are junk you would like to clean them all at once as most of us gets our important mails on services like gmail, yahoo, hotmail and others! then this is a MUST have for you. Instructions:

This script will only work on Firefox

STEP 1: Open Firefox and Install Greasemonkey STEP 2: Install the Script by clicking here
MODIFICATION[MUST]: 1. Right click on the greasemonkey icon(yes that small and cute little monkey icon) at the lower right corner of your firefox. 2. Click Manage user script. 3. Click Orkut Message Deleter from the left panel 4. On the included page box edit http://www.orkut.*/Messages.aspx* to replace it by http://www.orkut.*/*Messages.aspx* Usage: Just go to your orkut message box and your messages will start to delete automatically!

If you have something like 10000 message and a slow internet connection it may take considerable time! Otherwise it should be matter of a minute or two atmost!

Original Credits to the author Rahul Bhansal
~~The End~~
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