Friday, November 14, 2008

[Tip] Find the Email Address of any Orkut Profile

I found this bug long back. I felt Orkut will fix it soon. It seems Orkut has no plans to fix this bug. So lets make full use of it. With this trick you can find the email ID of any Orkut profile.
1) Select the Orkut profile email ID of which you want to know.
2) Send him/her a friend request.
3) Now go to the Friends Section of your profile. In the Friends section of your profile it will show waiting for to approve
4) Now on the right hand side you will find "manage contacts". In that click on "Export Contacts".
5) Enter the captcha
6) Open with Microsoft Excel.
7) Thats it.... Now you know the email ID of the Orkut profile you selected.
Dont forget to remove the profile from Friends if you dont want the person to know. (If the person has activated notification mails he/she will know about the friend request anyhow)
Credits to the Original Author - Ashwin S.
~~The End~~
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