Sunday, February 24, 2008

Top 10 Favourite Activities of Orkuters

After looking at all the Hate Communities floating around in Orkut, I was wondering what do Orkuter's love to do? What do they really need?
Joining communities what defines Orkuters as a person. It is one of the top activity. After checking their scraps.

10) Sex - Considering the demographics, the number of sex related fake profiles and communities is bound to be high. But these communities are full of perverted SPAM and some defamation activities or maybe its some pimp promotion. I wouldn't be surprised if this community gets deleted. If you go on clicking deeper you may find thousands of similar communities. It is an epidemic.
For Example: I am P#@*@ , **yrs living in ******. I invite friendship from ****** males. I am married. but my sexual life is too boring , my husband doesnot have interest in sexual activites. he is always involved in buisness . Now we are living seperately, I have huge tempt on sex. sms me to ************* or email me to ************* I am always waiting for u. (Taken from community)

9) Speeding: This Community is interesting. People really like to drive fast to get their adrenaline rush. Here, the games are not like other communities. People you have to understand driving fast can be dangerous only only for you but for pedestrians.Some Interesting Games to participate for people who have the need for speed:

8) Cooking: This community mainly shares PDF Files occasionally. Few people reply your post with recipes. Right now there are few active contributors. If you are interested in sharing some recipes or improve your cooking there are more such communities.

7) Shopping: This community is dead. Nothing to mention. Just herds of people sticking together.

6) Sleeping: Orkuters are sleep deprived!! Please turn off your monitor because I know that you have been on Orkut many sleepless nights.

5) To be Alone: Man is a social networking animal. What an irony people joining social networking website to be left alone.

4) Walk in the rain: ????? Why!!!! ;-) (55000+ members)

3) Sleep in class:
The lecture is boring !!!
U had a night out d previous nite ....
The atmosphere is conducive for sleeping...
U hate to study....
The teacher sings u a lullaby...

2) Music: Many see music as a perfect way to have good feelings because it goes inside and deep into your heart. (124000+ Members). More Communities.

1) Just wanna love & be loved:
"Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten , I think
that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person
who has nothing to eat."
Mother TeresaThat's why we are are here my friend. Love is what we all really need.

~~The End~~