Monday, February 25, 2008

Protect Orkut Photo Album : Pictures are Stolen

Best way to protect your photo album on Orkut is "DONT UPLOAD ANY PICTURES" which you don't want to be copied. Use some other service to share pictures like Flickr where your pictures are sure to be protected.

There have been various exploits to view locked albums on Orkut, and there will be more.

Whatever you can see on your computer screen can be copied by taking a screenshot.(Press Print Screen Button & Paste in Paintbrush). There is no possible way to stop people from copying your pictures. Anyone can copy paste text from your profile and impersonate it. Maybe even edit to something undesirable. Probably you are seeing this article now because your pictures have already been stolen. You might also have seen useless links given by Orkut Help.

Now I am assuming you want to take action, do something about it. The best way is to follow these steps.

Step 1: If someone is using your name and photo to impersonate you, you (not your friend / relative) can file an impersonation form.

You would need to scan "BOTH SIDES" of your valid photo ID. (e.g. driver's license, national ID card, student ID etc). Basically anything to prove its real you.

Step 2: Concurrently contact the local police. File a complaint !

After that you just have to wait in the queue, I guess !

You can contact me, I may be able to help you a bit with some unofficial tricks.

~~The End~~
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