Monday, February 18, 2008

Top 5 MOST HATED Bollywood Celebs on Orkut

It is evident that most people just add a community in their list not because they find the content interesting or because they are going to be active there but they mostly join because of the Community Display Picture & Description and the Community Keywords. Most of the communities below are like that, they are either filled with spam or stupid irrelevant activities/games. But don't miss out on their hilarious community descriptions torn out from the webpages.

5) Aishwarya Rai -
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People accuse her for: Comments taken from communities
  • She is very artificial
  • She has cheated many people incl. Salmaan khan, Vivek, Abhishek bachhan.
  • Her voice and fake accent.
  • Her sucks!!!!It gets on my nerves!
  • I hate the way she moves her body like a dying serpent when she dances!!
4) Himesh Reshammiya -
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I should be adding the total, but I didnt because I am assuming that people hate him so they would join both of these communities.Some have even started Stop his Surroor Campaign.

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Stop the video if you are experiencing any health problems.

People accuse him for: Comments taken from communities
  • You may hate him but you cannot ignore him.
  • He is worse than a crow.
  • All his songs are same (i.e pathetic)...sings from nose, keeps crying.
  • He is the Hero in his own albums.
People are also interested to know how many caps does he have. And few complain about noise pollution.

3) Shahrukh Khan -
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People accuse him for: Comments taken from communities
  • I hate his overacting and he is acting in every ad on tv. It's irritating me lot.....
  • media hype overrated animal....
  • you come across lotta rickshaw-waalas who resemble him completely in any fuckin town of the country.
  • self proclaimed glory
  • Gayness
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My final opinion was that people didn't have good enough reasons to hate him. Not that I like him but he has huge fan following as well which is at much higher ratio than haters and it was kinda difficult to find the accusitions.

2) Kareena Kapoor -
This community is probably hacked and content was deleted. So I couldn't find much over here.
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People accuse her for: Comments taken from communities
  • She hates clothes and loves exposing..
  • Her pride and Ego
  • She is fat and she looks like a man
  • being a Bitch
  • Overconfidence
1) WINNER: Ekta Kapoor - Firstly beware of the javascript on the community description. Don't do it of your love your account. Here is the SofLog AWARD (with some music and drums....)
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I didn't want to make this blog too long, so I cannot include many of the members comments.
Ok Here are the accusitions: Comments taken from communities
  • mentally unstable..needs urgent treatment.
  • I can't tolerate this bloody Non-sense Lady......Solid Punch on her face.......
  • her serials should be banned immediately.
  • house breaker....
  • a person who will one day lead to da downfall of indian culture n heritage
  • family frustrated, socially deprived woman with the responsibility to spoil the whole generation with her irritable komolika, kkk kkk kkk kkk aur kkk.
  • she has made relations a bitchy game
  • Worse than a Terrorist- Who tortures everyday.
There were tons of #*$&^# I could not write here. Few people were spamming their abuse repeatedly and some could not think of any more abuse. Infact there is a community exclusively dedicated to Kill Ekta Kapoor.

HMMM...Kamolikaaa (Snake Musicc.......) (10 seconds)
One said: Ekta kapoor is ekta kapoor,that is the dirtiest i could think.., I found one We love Ekta Kapoor, It had only 65 members and 5-6 posts. I am pretty sure they are her crew members.

~~The End~~
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