Thursday, June 14, 2007

iDailyDiary 3.2

We found this freeware electronic diary--straightforward and designed with only the necessary functions--almost ideal for quickly jotting down your daily impressions. iDailyDiary has an intuitive and handy interface that reproduces as exactly as possible a paper notebook. You can perform any operation in several ways. For example, you can select the date by using the calendar, by clicking the Next/Previous buttons, or by accessing the time line at the bottom of the interface. iDailyDiary supports rich-text formatting such as various fonts, highlighting, images, and links to Web sites and other diary pages. To publish your notes on the Web, just export them in HTML. Unfortunately, iDailyDiary only exports pages one by one, but multiple-page exporting should be coming soon. You can hide the diary from prying eyes with a password. Home users who want to log without a blog should check out this program.
~~The End~~