Friday, February 13, 2009

[Update] Gmail adds import emails from other email clinets. Get your mail from Yahoo and Hotmail Now!

Gmail has added a new feature by which you can get email from your other email accounts in your gmail account.
This feature is currently being tested and is available to only a small subset of users, I was lucky to be one.
Here is the list of email clients you can import your email from.
If you are one of the people being offered this feature you can import your email from
If you don't have this feature then you might have to wait till Google rolls it out to more people. I have imported my email from Yahoo and Hotmail already....what are you waiting for? It takes some time to import all the email and contacts, it depends on how much data you are importing. But it does it automatically , just leave it alone for a couple of hours and you would get a message after the import is complete.
~~The End~~
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