Saturday, July 4, 2009

Starting a Blog? Read this first! – A short guide to start blogging for success.

Start a BlogBlogging is an important part of the world of Internet these days, it is an easy and effective way to become popular and earn some money. Setting up a blog with the free tools like Blogger or Wordpress is a very easy job, but managing your blog and keep it running is difficult for many. This post is for new bloggers who are willing to start a blog but are confused with how to start, where to start and lot more questions. So, these are few tips, you should know if you want to start blogging.


Most important :First answer yourself! Why you want to start blogging?

It is very easy to create a blog with lot of tools available but it is not that easy to manage it, so first decide why to start. IF your answer is ‘I want to help other people or I can provide lots of useful tips or Useful News to readers’, then you can start blogging, It is of no use if you want to start only to check how it works or to show to your friends that you have a blog.

Another question: What you are going to blog about?

Starting any journey without any aim is not good; similarly starting a blog without any idea in your mind is also very bad. After setting up your blog, what will you write there? Decide this first. For finding blogging ideas, think what interested you most or what do you know about. At the beginning, start from a specific topic and later you can expand your topics slowly. It will surely help you to manage your blog properly. You may also consider reading this article on  BlogKori.

Selecting Blog platform and Domain

There are lot of tools and softwares available to create a blog, it depends on you and your future plans about the blog. If you are new to the world of blogging then you should use free tools, so that if you fail in blogging; you can quit without any loss. Blogger is the best platform for this. Later you can also set up your own Domain for your blog.

Selecting Domain for your Blog is also a very important part, select a unique and Professional looking Domain name, for starting you can also use sub-domains like but it is always advised to use a TLD. It gives your reader a better impression and also it performs better on search engines.

Selecting Blog Template

There are lot of free and premium templates available on Internet and also you can easily modify a default template, but one thing you need to remember is to use a clean and SEO friendly template. Blog with Flashy widgets and images look good but those are not good for SEO and your blog readers, they need a clean template. Always try to use most important widgets and images on your blog and use nice color combinations. For speeding up the blog loading time, you can take help from Google.

Writing your First article!

So, now you have decided your Blog topic and also you have set up a blog. It is time to write your first post. In the beginning a blogger is always full of ideas because he has started about what he knows much, so ideas flow from your brain, but once you have written many articles, you find it difficult to get a new idea. For this you can use Twitter, Digg and subscribe to other blogs in your niche to find new ideas to write.

So these were our Tips for new bloggers to start their blog, tell us if it has helped you and also share your views about blogging with us.