Tuesday, January 13, 2009

10 Updates Orkut MUST make in 2009

Orkut has completed 5 years and this year Orkut needs to make our lives easier. We need the following 10 updates really bad.
  1. Orkut would be categorising the apps for better browsing.
  2. Making a WYSWYG Editor for scraps
  3. Ability to close the posts in Communities
  4. Ability to make sticky posts in Communities
  5. RSS Feeds for Community Posts
  6. Bookmarking Posts
  7. Would add a toolbar, like what FB has now.
  8. Applications would go in a separate tab of profiles
  9. Dropdown menu to show more posts in a community...as people have to press next after every 10 replies
  10. Communities should have their photo albums and video sharing.
~~The End~~
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