Thursday, April 10, 2008

Forum HTML - Best websites for HTML Codes

Your community should have HTML activated for this to work. To learn how to activate HTML, read the article by OrkutPlus.o

How to post an Image or GIF in a community

The image code for Orkut Communities (and scraps) looks something like what is shown below.

I would recommend registering on Photobucket for sharing private pictures in a private forum.
ImageShack does not require registering but your pictures would be public.
How to post a Video in a community
Just copy paste the embed link from any video sharing website.
Some good websites which allow embedding videos are:
How to post Smileys in a community

Tired of using boring little colons and parentheses for smilie faces in your blog? Try replacing them with some colorful images, or even animations. Like this:

How to post Audio / Podcast in a community

There are plenty of services to share and embed music available on the web.
Some of them are listed below:

Finally I would recommend newbies to HTML to go through Bare Bones Guide to HTML to learn HTML.

Like it or Hate it, But don't forget to RATE IT .

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